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Custom Tools

We build applications that make it easy for technical and non-technical users alike
to produce accurate and reliable performance data specific to their goals.

Modeling to
Meet Your Goals

A custom energy modeling tool can help you sort through a sea of building-product related data to find the right choice for you.

Each tool is unique: you define the attributes of what you want to compare. While variations between choices can be subtle, the aggregated impact of choices can be huge.

Sales tools help you demonstrate how well your products meet customers’ needs. Real-time computing means you can adapt and guide customers on a moment’s notice, so they can feel confident they have the information they need to make a well-informed decision.

Code-performance tools can help architects and engineers make smart energy decisions that meet – and go beyond – current building codes. Real-time computing means design teams can explore multiple options quickly and easily, even during the project kickoff meeting.

Policy tools can help you broadly investigate the performance of technologies across building types to create data that informs policy decisions.


We begin by identifying the knowledge characteristics of the likely users and the data they – and their customers– need for making decisions.

We then discuss workflow – how will the user interact with those who will use the data to make informed decisions. This information forms the core of the Scope Document.

We use this information to develop a Scope Document to guide the project.

We design and develop the custom tool through an iterative cycle of customization and review with the users – and sometimes customers.

When design consensus is reached, we complete customization, test, and deliver a branded, ready-to-use tool.

Select Weidt® Clients

We have developed custom tools for a wide range of clients including global manufacturers, non-profits, and government agencies.

  • Pella Envelope Screening & Enrollment Tool

    Designed for Pella and EFCO’s sales forces, this web-based whole-building analysis application addresses both existing buildings and new construction during a sales consultation. It uniquely monetizes thermal comfort calculations and Pella’s research into infiltration in older buildings to produce a more comprehensive whole building-based envelope analysis than would otherwise be available to most building owners. Rather than leaving a standard brochure for a potential customer’s building type, the customer receives a brochure-quality report on their specific energy improvement options.

  • Mitsubishi VRF Comparison Tool

    Designed for their North and South American sales forces, this customized application showcases Mitsubishi’s Variable Refrigerant Flow product lines, allowing on-site consultations with whole-building analyses. The application, which can be used on a multitude of different device types, outputs cost analysis comparisons for HVAC systems based on a wide array of specific HVAC-related and spatial building factors.

  • Butler Whole Building Sales Platform

    The customized application designed for Butler Builders, one of the premium manufacturers of metal buildings in the world, serves their western hemisphere customers. Combining real-time whole-building energy simulations with financial calculations as part of the design / bid process lets Butler help their customers create and select the lowest Total Cost of Ownership they desire.

  • NBI Deep Retrofit Scoping Tool

    Commissioned by the New Buildings Institute, the DRST is a customized application designed for building owners who need assistance in understanding the order and magnitude of energy-efficiency improvement options they are or should be considering. With very little technical knowledge of their building, they can use the tool to describe their building in enough detail that it can be custom analyzed for prioritized improvements.

“Through our collaboration and work with The Weidt Group, Pella EFCO Commercial Solutions is able to leverage the very best available technology to provide an innovative envelope-first approach to energy management for our customers. I appreciate the depth of experience The Weidt Group brings to the table as a recognized industry expert in whole building energy analysis.”

Doug PhelpsDirector of Business DevelopmentPella EFCO Commercial Solutions

What’s Happening in Custom Tools

  • Energy Retrofits: building envelope ROI & comfort – the whole story, co-presented by PellaSee the Slide Deck

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