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B3 Benchmarking

B3 Benchmarking puts the power of building energy data in your hands. By analyzing data across your entire building portfolio, B3 identifies buildings that have the best potential for energy savings.

B3 Benchmarking helps you quickly and easily understand how a building or group of buildings is currently performing, and how it could – and should – be performing given its size, use, and location. With limited time and funds, knowing how efficiently your buildings are using energy allows you to prioritize to gain the most benefit from your resources.
$126M Identified ANNUAL energy savings

Comprehensive Reporting

B3 makes it easy for you to understand where the greatest potential for energy improvement and maximum ROI are. Using only monthly utility billing data and some basic information about your building, B3 creates actionable reports for you.

B3 Benchmark

An engineering model comparison using DOE-2 simulations and B3 energy standards predicts expected energy use.

B3 Peer Rating

An evaluation of your building to others with similar space usage, geographic location, and energy code provides true peer comparison.


A simple 0-100 score produced by ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager analyzes your building against similar buildings across the U.S.


A weather-normalized comparison of your building to itself over time provides monthly and annual analysis.

Track performance over time

Compare actual energy use versus expected code-based energy performance to find the savings potential for your buildings. Evaluating these trends on a monthly basis with B3 can help you pinpoint building energy issues quickly and easily, without costly energy audits.

Compare to peers

See how your buildings compare to other buildings of similar space usages. B3 lets you know if your building has potential for improvement based on the performance of similar buildings in the same region.

Find your savings potential

We’ve typically found that 80% of savings potential can be found in 20% of your building portfolio — allowing you to focus on buildings that will produce the greatest savings. B3 allows you to rank buildings by savings potential to give you an accurate picture of which buildings have the greatest potential to reduce energy costs.

Integrated with ENERGY STAR®

B3 creates your ENERGY STAR accounts and retrieves your ratings. B3 shows benchmark, B3 peer rating, and a weather-adjusted comparison to your own building over time. Any building data you enter in B3 is automatically shared in your ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®.

Who’s Using B3

With more than 600 million square feet in its database, B3 currently contains over 12,000 buildings.

  • 30 state agencies
  • 808 cities
  • 98 counties
  • 115 college campuses
  • 355 school districts

Minnesota State

Minnesota State (formerly MnSCU) uses B3 Benchmarking to track energy and water consumption of their 54 campuses encompassing over 900 buildings and almost 29M square feet. Utilizing B3 Benchmarking, Minnesota State has realized a weather normalized energy reduction of 13.3% compared to their 2009 baseline.

Iowa Army National Guard

The Iowa Army National Guard started using B3 Benchmarking in 2012 to track 321 buildings across their portfolio. B3 is being used to track performance improvements made to their buildings over time, realizing over $432,000 in energy savings.

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