Get as close to zero energy
as you want – or beyond

Real-time energy analyses to help design
and maintain higher-performing buildings

Our customizable software platform makes it easy for design teams, utilities and building owners to maximize performance in new and existing buildings of any type, size or age.


Services to get you closer to zero energy

  • Demand-Side Management

    Services and turnkey programs for utilities and energy agencies that help commercial new construction projects save energy

  • Energy Design Assistance

    More precise, real-time predictive modeling for architects and engineers as early as Day One

  • B3 Benchmarking

    Real, relevant comparative data for assessing building energy performance and prioritizing improvement projects

  • Building Performance

    Engineering analysis and investigative services for optimizing energy performance in
    existing buildings

  • Custom Tools

    Easy-to-use, real-time apps for anyone who needs comparative analyses of building product-related performance